Kids Song quot;WASH YOUR HANDS quot; funny animated children s music video by Preschool Popstars YouTube

Practice good hand washing with your students with this cute and free song! Border Graphics from the Pond Font Stanford Kinderprint Feel free to pin share rate or ! Thanks! Jessica Fun in PreK 1

Thematic Thursday is a weekly teacher linky party focused on the sharing of ideas for a different theme each week This weeks theme is Health and Nutrition and bloggers are asked to share their favorite resources book ideas activities and suggestions to help students learn about the Eating Healthy Foods Exercise and Taking Care of Yourself Please Read More about Thematic Thursday Gets Healthy

Lots of free handwashing songs and lessons for kids helpful tools to teach handwashing which is so important for hygiene and disease prevention

Germs Ew! Gross! All About Germs is a mini unit intended to teach your students the importance of hand washing and how germs are spread This pack includes tier 2 and 3 vocabulary potato and glitter science experiments posters songs activity sheets and much more! Connect with Me!

FREE! Teach proper hand washing skills within a story or song Look for ABA intervention material and posters coming soon! Few and simple words used Song is functional short rhymes fun to sing and hand motion ideas included!

glitter germs with cooking spray and songs

Let s Be Germ Free Bulletin Board Great reminders! $

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