Oh boy is life ever messy with little ones during the winter months Add to the mix a teething baby who puts EVERYTHING into her mouth and your house is a germ festival And its a festival you definitely DONT want to visit When kids are constantly passing germs hygiene is so important! Im not Read More about Teaching Kids to Stop Spreading Germs

Let s be germ free! This bright and playful bulletin board gives tips for stopping the spread of germs Tips include Wash your hands with soap Use a tissue to catch your sneeze

An adorable poster illustrating children eating nutritious meals going to school exercising and sleeping and stresses how these result in a healthy heart body and mind Please check out my other items for school nurses and health teachers clip art provided by mycutegraphics com

Wash the bottoms and the tops and the fingers in between Your child may sing a song while washing hands this helps children wash for the recommended 20 seconds Hand washing is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of infection

The song you won t be able to get out of your head and the kiddos will request over and over!

12 steps to proper hand washing from turning on the water to dry hands Ensuring students wash the tops and bottoms of hands and in between fingers Please be sure to download the song and other related material in lesson planning

Teach proper hand washing skills within a story or song Look for ABA intervention material and posters coming soon! Few and simple words used Song is functional short rhymes fun to sing and hand motion ideas included!

Five Little Germs Flannel Felt Board Story by DMCraftDesigns

Complete potty training guide to help you fully prepare for what it is to come Average ages for potty training how to know when they truly are ready what exactly to do during training and possible obstacles along the way

Nellie And Ned Germs YouTube

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