Crawford the Cat teaches good handwashing

Great video Goes through each step of washing hands and how germs spread via hands

Hand Washing Printable Parents Scholastic com

Flu Prevention Teaching Your Child About Handwashing

Teaching Kids About GERMS!

Use these sequencing cards printable to teach many skills to your preschooler including order vocabulary and critical thinking

Hand Hygiene Germy the Germ Gets Washed Away! Cute video

Let s be germ free! This bright and playful bulletin board gives tips for stopping the spread of germs Tips include Wash your hands with soap Use a tissue to catch your sneeze

Wash the bottoms and the tops and the fingers in between Your child may sing a song while washing hands this helps children wash for the recommended 20 seconds Hand washing is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of infection

Encourage kids to develop good handwashing and general hygiene practices with these fun picture books about germs and hygiene Great for 3 7 year olds

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