FLUSH acronym poster with Handwashing prompts

Excellent handwashing visuals! These Bye Bye Germs posters are a must during flu season or if you have a student with allergies

Anyone else been sick lately These germs our students are spreading are NO fun!! I have spent the last two days in bed and I have had enough!! Here s a poster that I made to hang in my classroom while we wait for this nasty flu season to pass You can download this poster for free HERE! Also here is an awesome website with fun videos and games that can help teach your students about germs Good luck and stay healthy!! P S If you like the bubble border you can buy the pack in my TPT store

clean disinfection hands handwashing hygiene personal washing Hand Hygiene Wash Hand Hygiene Prevents Flu PosterWash Hand Hygiene Prevents Flu Poster Reminds people to wash and sanitize their hands to prevent FLU Handtchermve Tartan Karo Handtuch jade MveMveHeimtextilien7 cm Viscoschaum Topper PremiumWayfair deWash Hand Hygiene Prevents Flu Poster Wash Hand Hygiene Prevents Flu Poster Reminds people to wash and sanitize their hands to prevent FLU Handtcher mve Tartan

7 steps of handwashing

Teach grade 4 5 6 students about virus and outbreak using free lessons and activities that will inform engage and relate factual material to calm fear and anxiety from news media outlets Students will learn about the coronavirus what it is how to prevent it and reverse stereotypes

Teaching children to wash their hands is crucial! With this Germ Science Experiment you can demonstrate the importance of using soap when washing their hands to keep the germs away This hand washing activity is not only fun but a great way to teach kids about germs

These hand washing FREE printable posters can be just what you need to remind your kiddos to wash their hands well and as much as possible

A cheerful reminder to always wash those hands to be customized with the message you wish to share with associates and visitors

Colour Changing Flowers Science Experiment A fun science project for kids or easy science experiment for preschoolers This cool science experiment teaches children about how plants absorb water

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