12 steps to proper hand washing from turning on the water to dry hands Ensuring students wash the tops and bottoms of hands and in between fingers Please be sure to download the song and other related material in lesson planning

Germs Ew! Gross! All About Germs is a mini unit intended to teach your students the importance of hand washing and how germs are spread This pack includes tier 2 and 3 vocabulary potato and glitter science experiments posters songs activity sheets and much more! Connect with Me!

Five Little Germs Flannel Felt Board Story by DMCraftDesigns

Puede tambien ser hecho experimento luego de algun cuento mostrar como lavarse manos

Complete potty training guide to help you fully prepare for what it is to come Average ages for potty training how to know when they truly are ready what exactly to do during training and possible obstacles along the way

Crawford the Cat teaches good handwashing

Great video Goes through each step of washing hands and how germs spread via hands

Hand Washing Printable Parents Scholastic com

Flu Prevention Teaching Your Child About Handwashing

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